Monday, 24 March 2014


You are :-
  • exuberant, physical, loud
  • emotional
  • honest
  • vulnerable
  • funny
  • a champion sulker
  • opinionated
  • a great negotiater
  • a singer, dancer, muscian, artist, maker and doer
  • confident
  • talkative
  • going through a pink and pretty phase
  • very proud
  • curious
  • patient
  • impatient
  • reluctant to go to bed at night - but you do go
  • determined to do almost everything yourself...although not dressing for some reason
  • love company
  • can ride your new birthday pedal bike 
  • love anything sweet
  • resist control
  • love balancing and climbing
  • come into us every morning, and always give me a kiss before you go for breakfast
  • will give things a go, even if you think you will fail...sometimes with persuasion
  • have lots of imaginary friends
  • still have squashy cheeks and tiny hands
Happy 4th birthday!

Love Mam x

PS I've just spotted there are 5 candles on that cake! Ha ha!


Cordelia Sipper said...

beautiful list, my friend. I think you must have captured her perfectly.
and a beautiful girl, too.

Monica G. M said...

aw, 4 is such a fun fun age. peace x