Friday, 3 January 2014

A List (2)

I realise it's  been a while since I made a list, and I love other people's so much.  So, here goes.
If you read this and start your own, please let me know and link it in the comments. As I wrote here before I love that fascinating look inside people's heads. The small, mostly ordinary things along with the sudden upheavals or insights that make up all of our lives.
I find writing this list really crystallises things for me too - brevity being the soul of wit and all...

making : too many plans

cooking : casseroles, beanie, chocolatey chillis. 

drinking : tea, alcohol-free beer

reading : Read Snow child.  It's strength was the examination of grief, which I think the appearance of the child trivialised. Finished Whatever it Takes (a Christmas present).  Unrealistic, caricatured characters, needlessly nasty ending, but still enjoyed it as a light read. Now about to start  A Million Years in a Thousand Miles

wanting : to simplify

looking: for guidance

playing : characters in her imaginary play

needing : sleep as always - when will I start to go to bed before midnight?

bookmarking: business advice books and blogs

wasting : time thinking rather than doing 

sowing : nothing but dreaming of mexican herbs, flowers, tomatillos and greens for the summer

wishing : realising it's not about wishing, but about starting

enjoying : time away from work and commuting

waiting : for my bath to cool

liking : the inspirational people all around

wondering : if I can let go of fear

loving : being kind to myself

hoping : for good news this year

marvelling : at her puzzle abilities

smelling : Christmas tree and cloves

wearing : new bright clothes - I looked up my colours and think I am a winter, which are my favourite colours anyway

listening: getting tired of Christmas music now, would like something completely new

following : Aha parenting

noticing : how people think everything must be fixed

knowing : I don't have to have it all figured out

thinking : being yourself gives other people the freedom to be themselves 

opening : the Christmas biscuits, feel sick

watching: Ted talks

giggling : not giggling much recently - must be rectified at once! 

feeling : cabin fever


Amanda Riley said...

oh I LOVED The Snow Child. Loved, loved, loved it. I'm with you on the need to start hitting the hay before 12am, on being over the Christmas music, ready for the fresh start a new year offers... now, two questions: what are chocolatey chillis and beanies, and why would you want your bath to cool down?? ;) I seldom take baths in our tub because it cools down too quickly and drains away so much of the water via the little overflow drain (which I loathe). maybe I should just give in and take more baths, even if they're short. hmm. fun list, thanks for sharing.

sparklingbay said...

I can understand why you and others liked the Snow Child - I enjoyed it too, but not that much. The chocolatey chillis and beanies was just a ungrammatical way to say a Chilli with chocolate and beans in it! I could have just added some cold water to the boiling water in the bath - I do have a hot and cold tap! But then when would I blog?! Plus I'd filled the bath as full as I wanted.
Maybe you need a new bath - it's one of life's necessities I think.

Rachel @TaoOfPoop said...

Oh, I love the way you set this up. So sweet and creative. I related to so many of these. You should start some sort of a link-up around this idea!

sparklingbay said...

I actually saw the list elsewhere last summer, although it wasn't a regular link up. I'd love to do a link up but not enough people visit. Maybe I'll give it a go some time soon anyway as i would love to nose at, I mean have a read of, other people's lists.