Monday, 30 December 2013

What have you been up to: the Christmas post

This Christmas you:
  • have been incredibly generous
  • not so keen to help when we ask you to e.g with cooking, but very keen to come up with your own ways to help
  • noticing things on the radio - out of the blue you theorised that Mandela had been killed!
  • lots of dancing
  • jingle bells nightly by the christmas tree
  • coming up with your own tunes on the xylophone
  • asked for (and got) a surprise and pineapple for Christmas (and generously offered to share the pineapple)
  • lots of adventurous jumping
  • making great drawings -you scribble mostly, but can make accurate representations when you want it seems.  We've deliberately never "taught" you how to draw. So glad - your drawings are very unique
  • love your new garden swing
  • play for long stretches alone - mostly imaginative play.  Which is how I can type this post now!
  • made very unique paper chains - in the shape of raindrops you said
  • narrate your life sometimes like you are in a story- "she ran into her bedroom..."
  • have a very baby face
  • loving puzzles as always and got some new ones for Christmas
  • still full of solutions to all kinds of problems "I've got an idea..."
  • told me to write that you love playing with your plasticine animals, and that they and the lobster are having a jungle party
  • saw the international space station as it flew overhead on Christmas Eve
  • are much more confident around people now, although wary of bigger groups
  • went to a candle-lit Carol service in the local church - "can we go every night?"
  • have Tory tendencies - when we talked about giving food to needy people you asked why they didn't just work for more money! You seemed surprised when I said some people worked lots and still didn't have enough money
  • loved the advent stocking - we had a different activity for every day - a range of things like nice things for you like making paper snow flakes, gathering greenery and drinking hot chocolate and nice things for others - asking people if they needed help, giving a compliment, donating food.  I was a bit too ambitious though and will break it all down a bit next year!
  • have been enjoying this album (The Sounding Joy, Elizabeth Mitchell) and this one (Sufjan Stephens, Songs for Christmas).  Thanks for the recommendations Nichole.
  • like to experiment with clothes - odd socks, and yesterday you wore 10 layers  - "nice and warm..."

A taste of what we've been listening to

Love Mam x


Melissa said...

What a lovely Christmas you seem to have had! I love all of the photos, love B's sense of style, and am imagining her enjoying a number of the things on this list. May the wonder of the holiday season carry you all into a joyous New Year!

sparklingbay said...

You too, encouraging one! x